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To Be A National Leader In The Integration Of Excellence In Teaching And Learning, And Advancement Of Knowledge Based Through Research And Scholarship, And In Preparing Professionals To Improve The Lives Of Individuals In a Changing And Complex Global Society


Mission Statement

To Foster Anambra State College of Health Technology In The Forefront Of Innovation, Nurturing minds, Promoting Quality Of Life And Inspiring The Spirit Through Rigorous Academics, Research, Local and Global Service, While Relating Its Activities To The Social, Cultural, EconomicAnd Manpower Needs Of The People Of Anambra State And Nigeria

Our Core Value

To realize the stated Vision and Mission, the College aspires to nurture values that are vital to its mandate. In respect of this, the Core Values include

  • Professionalism: The College community respects and adheres to the standard of professional performance, practice and behavior, and shall then nurture responsible professionalism, promote mentorship, maintain ethical behavior and etiquette.
  • Excellence: We value intellectual freedom, curiosity and engagement, and intellectual integrity in all endeavors and are committed to outstanding achievements, merit and virtue, and continually surpassing standards to achieve and maintain quality.
  • Knowledge: The ability to instill in our College community a thirst to continually study, observe and investigate for facts, ideas that can improve the health of man and as well create a love for learning.
  • Integrity: In its interactions, the college shall be guided by the virtues of truth, moral wholeness, accountability and tolerance.
  • Leadership: The College shall provide leadership in setting national health agenda.
  • Innovation: We encourage individual initiative, creativity and talent. We are also eager to explore new issues and practices, and integrate them into our academic vision.
  • Research: The College shall initiate and sustain relevant, creative and innovative research for the benefit of mankind.


College News

2024/2025 HND and other program form now on sale, to purchase your form, follow the process below;

  1. Click on the admission link,and select purchase application form link from the menu.
  2. Select the desired program type (HND or Certificate Program) and click continue.
  3. Fill the form in the next step by filling in the applicants Name, Email, and Phone Number and then click proceed.
  4. Step 3 will bring you to paystack platform where you will make payment using your ATM card on the web portal (Note* that a valid ATM card is required to make payment), and on completion of payment, the portal generates a receipt with reference number.
  5. To fill the application form after purchase, click on the admission menu and select fill application form.
  6. Enter your reference number and phone number to proceed.